Major Change to MQTT Topics - transducer prefix removal

The decision has been made to eliminate the special meaning behind the transducer prefix for device subtopics.
That means that now subtopics, immediately under the device endpoint, are saved by the time series service and can be controlled directly from the web interface.

What you should change
Topics that follow the form openchirp/device/<DEVICE_ID>/transducer/<SUB_TOPIC> should be changed to openchirp/device/<DEVICE_ID>/<SUB_TOPIC>, without the transducer prefix.

Compatibility Service
To ease the transition, you may link the Transducer Prefix Compatibility service to allow backward compatibility.
This service may automatically be linked for you if your device is active during this transition period.

We need to recompile anything made with the go framework?

Yes, but more importantly, you need to remove any references to transducer in the context of MQTT topics.

The Go framework did not abstract out the transducer prefix, originally. It was up to the service owner to use the prefix. The framework did, however, provide the constant framework.TransducerPrefix, which has now been removed.

Check out some of the commits below as examples: