French Drain Sensing

Any good sensing ideas for a French drain? I just installed 4 sections of NDS (very cool stuff) that have catch basins as couplers that come to the surface.

Two things come to mind to sense:

  1. Is water accumulating in the basins (if upstream accumulation is happening, but not downstream that would show some sort of blockage)
  2. How much water is flowing perhaps with the level in the basins

I was thinking of using floating micro-switches and 4 lora clients, one per basin. I could also perhaps use just one and run wires (40 ft long though) Anything better than floating switches?

Cool use case!
You could use a boat’s fresh water tank fill level sensors to know precisely the level of water in the catch basin.
I think they have ones without moving parts.

Making the wire runs seems line a personal preference. If you go the wire route, you wouldn’t need to re-trench your yard, since you could run them up the drains themselves and exit near your house.

Post back with some updates and pictures!