[Errno 11] EAGAIN with Pysense Demo

I recently set up a LoPy sensor and used the OpenChirp Demo for the LoPy to read data from the sensors into OpenChirp. The demo can be found here: https://github.com/OpenChirp/PySenseDemo. Upon setting up the app eui, app eui, address, and dev eui. I also followed the steps from the documentation in sensor setup but I keep receiving [Errno 11] EAGAIN.

I removed commented out the temperature and pressure data from the send function and everything seems to work fine (data is displayed in the visualization field), however, when I uncomment the section of that code, the program loops around Errno 11.

What version of LoPy do you have?



I believe the LoPy is running 1.0.

I updated the LoPy to the latest firmware and it still reports the same error 11.

I was worried you where perhaps using the new LoPy4. I will double check the demo code tonight on the latest firmware. The version in GitHub has worked pretty well for me, but LoPy has changed quite a few things.

BTW, we have some new LoPy4’s and want to test them too. Supposedly much better on power with a small co-processor that can shut things down.