Backend Upgrades and Interruptions [March 12]

Dear OpenChirp Community,

In an effort to simplify the REST+MQTT interface, we are currently making some changes to the backend.
Please expect temporary interruptions when using the website, services, and other REST reliant applications, over the next two days.


The OpenChirp team.

The major organizational changes are complete.

Major Changes

Here are some big ticket items that need to be changed on current OpenChirp Devices and Services.

  • Anything using MQTT
    • Change the target to port 8883 with SSL enabled.
    • Change hardcoded device topics from openchirp/devices/<device_id>/<anything> to openchirp/device/<device_id>/<anything>
    • Change hardcoded service topics from openchirp/services/<service_id>/<anything> to openchirp/service/<service_id>/<anything>
  • Anything using the REST interface
    • Change the target to

Specific Examples

  • LoRaWAN Gateway - /etc/default/lora-gateway-bridge config file changes
    • Change MQTT_SERVER to tls://
    • Change MQTT_PREFIX to use openchirp/device/<device_id> instead of openchirp/devices/<device_id>